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The SunPower Difference: EnergyLink Ecosystem

Want control over your energy usage? SunPower and EnergyLink are the answer to those questionable utility bills. When you pay your energy bill every month, have you ever taken the time out to read through your meter recordings to get

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Your One-Stop Solution for Roofing and Solar Panels

At New York State Solar Farm, we’ve got the best solutions for your roofing and solar panels needs. Purchasing and installing smart energy choices often means exploring the advantages of buying solar panels for homes and small businesses. Deciding to

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The SunPower Difference: InvisiMount Racking

Conventional solar mounts can be seen from the ground, but SunPower’s proprietary mounting solution is designed to be hidden to compliment any home’s style. This is part of the SunPower difference. Solar power systems are a beneficial choice for residential

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The SunPower Difference: Built-in Microinverters

Say goodbye to bulky inverters taking up precious space on your house. The SunPower difference offers built-in microinverters. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of your solar panels once you have them installed. Solar panels are only

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Going Solar? Here’s Some Questions to Ask

Key questions to ask before you invest in solar. Solar Power is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy in America.  It is clean, healthy, cost effective, and it reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.  Currently, the Federal government and most

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New York State Solar Farm


Leaders in solar electric systems recently launched their newest blog, which focuses on information, education, and, increasing awareness about solar technology.   MODENA, NEW YORK — New York State Solar Farm announced today the official launch of its new and

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