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Solar Efficiency: Less Panels, More Power With SunPower Arrays

Looking for the most efficient solar panels for your home? The first thing you need to know is how to compare solar efficiency metrics. Not all panels are created equal.

The amount of electricity a solar panel produces depends on a few criteria: the size of the panel, the efficiency of the solar cells inside, and the amount of sunlight the panel gets.

Typically, homeowners are led to believe that the more solar cells you have working together, the more power you’ll be able to create for your home.

When it comes to conventional panels, that’s why size matters when you’re trying to calculate how much electricity a system will produce.

SunPower though has completely changed the solar panel game, simply through its solar efficiency and capacity. When it comes to solar efficiency, it’s no longer about the size of the panel and how many you need, but the power of the solar panel itself.

Solar Efficiency: The Numbers Don’t Lie

The data speaks for itself when it comes to SunPower panels versus conventional solar panels.

SunPower has been rated as the highest efficiency solar panel on the market, producing 60 percent more energy from the same amount of roof space over the first 25 years than conventional panels.

Let’s break down the numbers and compare.

A conventional solar panel installation for an 8KW system will need about 32 panels, and will offer you about a 16 percent solar efficiency rating. You’re relying on a lot of panels, but not yielding as much power as you could be for your home.

Here’s where SunPower solar efficiency is different.

Take for example SunPower’s X22 system: compared to conventional systems, with SunPower you’re looking at only 23 panels for that same 8KW system, but you’re getting an efficiency rating of 22.2 percent.

This means that for less panels and more efficiency, you’ll reap the benefits of way more power produced and much greater utility bill savings.

According to the EnergySage Solar Marketplace Intel Report, a typical homeowner’s average needs range from about 20 panels in California for a 7KW system to 39 panels in Florida for a 12KW system.

While location plays a part in planning for your solar system given weather and electricity rate and usage patterns, regardless of where you reside, one of the main goals of a solar system should be getting the most bang for your buck.

Less panels but way more power for your home are the best way to achieve this. To put it in a nutshell, SunPower’s technology provides 70 percent more lifetime energy, but with 70 percent fewer visible parts.

The saying “less is more” couldn’t be more applicable to the SunPower difference; it is the very notion that simplicity and clarity lead to good design, better solar efficiency, and a better return on your investment.

Best Solar Efficiency with SunPower and New York State Solar Farm

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