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SunPower Equinox Storage system

SunPower Equinox Storage: What You Need to Know

SunPower Equinox Storage system

SunPower has consistently been at the top of the solar panel game. But now, they’re making inroads into battery storage. Fairly recently, SunPower launched its Equinox Storage system.

This storage system pairs perfectly with the SunPower Equinox solar panel system and enables you to keep your lights on during power outages and manage your home energy usage.

Here’s what you need to know about the SunPower Equinox Storage system.

What Is the SunPower Equinox Storage?

The key thing to note about the SunPower Storage is that it pairs only with a SunPower Equinox solar panel installation.

The comprehensive solar + storage solution from SunPower is designed for maximizing solar use and collect enough energy during the daytime to distribute it as needed to power essential appliances and fixtures.

So, in case of a power outage, you won’t be left groping in the dark or stumbling around with your flashlight! The combined system also reduces your reliance on the grid and reduces peak-time charges.

This battery storage is even more worth considering if your utility has reduced or removed net metering, and has introduced time-of-use rates or demand charges.

The SunPower Equinox solar + storage system will maintain a consistent power supply, both day and night, as long as enough power gets stored in the sunshine.

The storage system itself is sized for home use on a day-to-day basis. The relatively larger size of the battery storage ensures that you can get more freedom from the grid.

For instance, if your panels generate more electricity than your home use, you can store the excess energy in the battery storage instead of sending it into the grid. At night, when the panels aren’t generating enough energy, you can use the SunPower Equinox storage to power your home’s essential needs, instead of buying it from your utility.

And don’t let the larger size dissuade you! The system is sleek and minimalist and designed to take up as small a space as possible.

The great thing about the combined SunPower Equinox solar + storage solution is that your entire system, including your panels, battery, microinverters, racking, etc., comes directly from SunPower. This means you can get an excellent warranty on your entire solar system from one of the best solar tech manufacturers.

Special Features

The Equinox system has two main components: the battery and the Hub+. The Hub+ is a connected energy management system that enables control over how much energy you store and use and switch to backup-power mode.

The SunPower system is also equipped with an intuitive companion app. This helps you view real-time energy generation and usage directly from your device. It also allows you to manage all of your energy remotely.

The Equinox Storage solution is a great way to power your essential appliances when the power goes out. Before installing the system, you can choose which appliances (such as refrigerator and/or dishwasher) and lights/fans you want to be backed up by the stored energy.

Final Thoughts

The SunPower Equinox Storage solution makes a perfect pair for your SunPower Equinox solar panels. The combined system allows homeowners to seamlessly switch to solar power stored in the battery to power essential home appliances.

As a bonus, the system is one of the sleekest on the market yet! It has fewer boxes for you to put on your wall. And it is incredibly user-friendly, thanks to its intuitive mobile app that helps you optimize your storage and usage settings from anywhere.

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