Awarded 2024 NYSERDA Quality Solar Installer – Platinum Status Designation

New York State Solar Farm is a SunPower Master Dealer: What That Means For You

Shopping for home solar can feel overwhelming because, at first glance, many companies look the same. Learn how to pick the cream of the crop by looking for the SunPower Master Dealer badge. 

Through research, innovation, and billions of dollars of investment over the last decades, the solar panel as we know it has reached a level of development that makes it affordable for the average household to choose solar as an investment.

Of course, choosing a solar company is only part and parcel to making a solid investment. The truth of the matter is, not all solar companies are created equally.

New York State Solar Farm is a SunPower Master Dealer, and this is an important distinction that will make all the difference for you as a residential customer. Here’s why choosing a Master Dealer is the right first step in your solar investment.

Becoming a Master Dealer requires a demonstration of ethics and honest effort. SunPower must vet every dealer by the most stringent criteria, which involves installation, training, and customer satisfaction.

To earn the Master Dealer designation, every dealership has to treat customers with respect and educate the public using their expert knowledge, which includes, but is not limited to, local laws, jurisdictions, and permit regulations.

What’s more, Master Dealers are chosen by invitation only; they are the only ones to carefully represent the SunPower brand in residential markets

New York State Solar Farm

New York State Solar Farm cares about providing a completely transparent experience for all our customers. Our knowledgeable sales team focuses on building personal relationships with clients and guiding shoppers through the entire solar buying process.

Education and passion are two integral parts of working with New York State Solar Farm, and our commitment to clarity and our low-pressure atmosphere are points of pride, too.

We’ve developed a reputation as an honest and straightforward dealership, and we believe that’s why people love doing business with us.

Add in our dedication to the community and the environment we live in, and we think you’ll see New York State Solar Farm as a different kind of dealer that you will feel proud to do business with.  

SunPower doesn’t just make the best solar products in the world. They also have the best dealers to support, sell, and service them, and New York State Solar Farm is proud to be part of the SunPower Difference.

New York State Solar Farm is proudly 1 of only 4 SunPower Master Dealers & 1 of only 12 NYSERDA Gold Status Installers in NY State.

Let’s chat about your investment in solar.  

New York solar service areas: Ulster County, Albany County, Dutchess County, Westchester County, and more!

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As a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make is in solar energy. With energy costs at an all time high and continuing to rise, solar panel systems can save you money from day one. Homes with solar also sell for more given their cost savings & environmental benefits. Solar just makes sense.

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