Sunpower Solar Panels & Telsa Powerwall 2 | The Best of Both Worlds

Improved Efficiency

Sunpower solar panels produce 60% more energy than conventional panels. Their improved efficiency is by design. Sunpower panels have sleek profiles without grid lines and feature anti-reflective coating to produce more energy. Their ultra-pure silicon design forms a perfect complement to this surface by delivering optimal power conversion. This allows property owners to get more power out of less space, making these panels perfect for rooftop installations.

Durable Design

Conventional solar panels lose power as they age. That’s because they are prone to corrosion and interconnect breaks. Sunpower solar cells use a unique design that all but eliminates issues with corrosion and cell breaks. This eliminates 85% of the underlying problems that cause conventional cells to fail, which allows Sunpower panels to produce more power over longer periods of time.

The Best Batteries Around

The Tesla Powerwall has already created a reputation for excellence. It features a large lithium-ion battery pack that forms a perfect complement to Sunpower panels. Lithium-ion batteries represent the most efficient and longest-lasting power storage solution available to today’s homeowners and commercial business owners.

Lithium-ion batteries can be drawn down much farther than traditional lead-acid batteries without adversely effecting their service lives, providing an impressive 13.5 kWh of usable energy, and are known for their longevity. Tesla is so confident in its products that it offers an industry-leading 10-year warranty. Most property owners find that with proper care, their lithium-ion batteries will last even longer.

Optimize Form and Function

New York State Solar Farm has an entire team of in-house engineers to create designs that optimize form and function. No matter what application property owners have in mind, they can expect only the best performance when they install a custom-designed Sunpower solar array and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery bank. Plus, the equipment is versatile enough that it can be used for almost any residential or commercial application, including both off-grid and grid-tied systems.

Impressive Warranties

Tesla offers a 10-year warranty on its Powerwall battery banks, and Sunpower covers performance, labor, and parts for an impressive 25 years. Installing a system designed to use both these products protects property owners’ investments.

The Bottom Line

Now is a great time to make the switch to solar, but only if property owners choose high-quality products from reputable brands. Sunpower and Tesla are both leaders in their competitive industries for a reason. Property owners who want a long-lasting, energy-efficient, sleek, well-performing solar system are making a good choice when they work with New York State Solar Farm.