Solar panels installed on the roof of a house

4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Solar Panels

The efficiency of solar panels has significantly improved in the last decade or so. The improvement in solar technology has pushed governments all over the world to set ambitious net-zero carbon goals. The highly efficient solar panels and storage systems have also made it possible for homeowners to obtain 100% independence from off-the-grid energy.

If you are striving to get completely free of the grid supply, you need to maximize your solar panels’ output. Here, we will outline five measures that can help you improve the efficiency of solar panels.

1. Steer Clear of Every Inch of Shade

We all know that shade kills the efficiency of solar panels. However, very few people understand that shade on a little segment of the panel can result in more efficiency loss than overcast conditions. A solar panel is essentially a group of PV cells wired together for amplifying voltage. Therefore, even a little shade covering a couple of cells takes a hit on the panel’s overall efficiency.

Take every edifice and outcrop of the area into consideration when installing solar panels on your property. Besides trees and building front, you also need to ensure that chimneys, vents, window eaves, and other similar construction elements don’t block the incoming sunlight.

2. Take Orbital Movements into Account

The orbital movement of the earth also plays a role in how much efficiency you can get from your solar panels. To leverage that orbital movement, you need to place your solar panels in a specific direction and orientation. For people living in the Northern Hemisphere, the sun always remains along the southern part of the sky for the year-round orbital earth movement. Therefore, try to find a spot where you can position solar panels to be south-facing with no shade in their field.

3. Regularly Clean 

Solar panels don’t have conventional electromechanical construction. They don’t require any fuel or feature any moving part, making them almost maintenance-free. Nonetheless, you still need to take care of their surface cleanliness because a thick layer of dust or baked-on dirt and debris can decrease their efficiency, just like shades. If your region experiences lower annual rainfall, you need to be more diligent with solar panel cleaning.

4. Get Experts to Install

Finally, get professionals on board when you are installing solar panels at your property. By hiring solar experts, you don’t have to worry about shades and orbital movement because they will survey your property and install solar panels in the spot where they can receive the maximum amount of sunlight for most of the day all year round. They will also help you invest in the most efficient solar panels available on the block.

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