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Sidney Center Solar Panels

Harness the Solar Power of the Sun in Sidney Center

Cost of SolarDo you feel like an inordinate amount of your finances go straight into your electric bill each month?
Are you concerned that burning fossil fuels or relying on nuclear reactors is simply unsafe for the environment and our communities?
It is time for you to use a clean, cost-effective alternative: solar power!

At SunPower® by New York State Solar Panels, our Sidney Center solar panel specialists can hook you up with the technology you need to harness the world’s most powerful and reliable source of energy, no matter where you live in Sidney Center.

Why Choose SunPower by NYSSF in Sidney Center?

  • We’re Local, Family-Owned/Operated Solar Panel Company
  • 25-year warranty offered through SunPower® on the labor, material, and production of your system
  • NYSERDA Approved Solar Power Installation Company
  • Team of licensed electricians who are NABCEP certified—the gold standard for PV and solar thermal installers
  • Exceptional 24-hour customer service
  • Options to own, lease, or finance
  • SunPower® Master Dealer
  • 2015 Intelegant Residential Award finalist

We would like to assure you that we should be your first choice due to our extensive history in the state of New York and our excellent client testimonials. To help you come to the decision to install solar panels on your home or business, we use flexible financing plans, as well as giving you the option to own or lease the technology. With more than 1,000 systems installed in Hudson Valley and a SunPower® Master Dealer title – there are less than 25 SunPower® Master Dealers in the country – you can rest assured that we know solar panel installation, maintenance, and function, inside and out.

Let’s start you off with a free consultation – no-cost, no-obligation, all-good!