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Harness the Power of the Sun with Bloomington Solar Panels

Do you feel like an inordinate amount of your finances go straight into your electric bill each month?
Are you concerned that burning fossil fuels or relying on nuclear reactors is simply unsafe for the environment and our communities?
It is time for you to use a clean, cost-effective alternative: solar power!

At SunPower® by New York State Solar Panels, our Bloomington solar panels specialists can hook you up with the technology you need to harness the world’s most powerful and reliable source of energy, no matter where you live in Bloomington

Why Choose SunPower by NYSSF in Bloomington?

Bloomington Solar Panels

We would like to assure you that we should be your first choice due to our extensive history in the state of New York and our excellent client testimonials. To help you come to the decision to install solar panels on your home or business, we use flexible financing plans, as well as giving you the option to own or lease the technology. 

With more than 1,000 systems installed in Hudson Valley and a SunPower® Master Dealer title – there are less than 25 SunPower® Master Dealers in the country – you can rest assured that we know solar panel installation, maintenance, and function, inside and out.

Entrust the installation of your Bloomington solar panels to the experts!


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As a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make is in solar energy. With energy costs at an all time high and continuing to rise, solar panel systems can save you money from day one. Homes with solar also sell for more given their cost savings & environmental benefits. Solar just makes sense.


The plan of converting to solar power jumps off with two points – a duplicate of the household’s monthly electric utility statement as well as an exploratory discussion with us.

The monthly electricity statement will act as a guideline on just how much electricity electrical power the residence proprietor consumes and will also be a resolving factor in comparing solar power against standard electricity suppliers. The exploratory consultation is an opportunity where our consultant can discover further information relating to the residential property, the home-owners’ purposes, as well as any kind of upcoming property enhancement plans.

From here, our professional can prepare a detailed outline to inform the property owners about the perks they can enjoy if ever they make the decision to convert to renewable energy. Our company will also discuss the alternatives and benefits of purchasing or renting, in addition to a comprehensive summarization of what going solar power involves.

As soon as the customer has already decided to press through with the procedure, we offer assistance in procuring a validated loan (if needed). Our team will license a contract and also arrange supplemental contracts as needed. An initial household evaluation will be facilitated and our developers are going to develop the solar energy system and start the procedure for the application for the Building Permit.

As soon as the building permit is approved, the setup of the solar energy system can begin. Typically, the timetable of solar installation takes up 6-8 weeks starting from the moment the building permit is released. The setup itself may take 1-2 days. Once this is done, a follow-up house inspection will be facilitated. It may take 7-10 calendar days to offer the home owner a Permission To Operate. As soon as the PTO is released, the solar power system can be turned on.

In most cases, the cost of solar power will be less than or equivalent to what our clients are spending recently for the same cost of power level used through your electricity company. If individuals prefer to swap to solar energy, they can expect to acquire two monthly statements. In spite of that, the sum of the 2 charges is foreseen to be similar to, or most likely be much less than their existing electric costs.

Moving solar energy guards you and your family from potential electrical price surges as it presents a foreseeable expenditure monthly. You can defray their renewable energy fees instead of the electric expenses to cut on expenditures considerably.

Whether our clients receive a funding for their solar-powered system or pay off in cash, the long-lasting rewards of converting to solar are positively worth the price. Your expenses for the utility bill will most likely simply be the minimum operational fee for the energy meter connected to your structure. This is only a portion of the total cost of what you are paying for the utility service provider in the past. Keep in mind that even if you change to solar, you will still have to be hooked to the power because your home needs to have the connection to trigger solar operate.

Every time the direct sun light reflects against a solar panel, photons coming from the shining sun are soaked up through the cells inside of the solar panel. This builds up a magnetic field going through the layers and also generates power to flow. The solar batteries produce DC (Direct Current) energy while the vast majority of homes utilize AC (Alternating Electricity) power. So how does solar function?

There is a contraption inside the solar power system known as an inverter that transforms the DC electrical power to AC electricity so you are able to utilize it in their house. Old solar systems make use of a singular ordinary inverter in order to alter the current. Sunpower by NYSSF makes use of the most up-to-date technology using mini inverters at the back of each panel that offers a much safer, more efficient, improved solar-powered system. Microinverters are likewise recommended highly for occupants residing in the northeast where by natural factors have to be dealt with including forest shade, snowfall, and leaves covering the solar-powered panels.

The energy yielded by the solar panels takes charge of the requirements of the house primarily. If ever there is oversupply of electrical power being yielded, it returns to the utility grid by means of turning the utility electrical meter backwards, providing 100% credit report for each and every Kilowatt hour gained on the roof.

During the night, while the panels are not making electric output, the home will likely obtain energy out of the plate where the electric energy that your solar system generated all throughout the whole day is kept. From Spring thru Fall, the solar-powered system will generally generate increased energy than used. That energy remains to accumulate and rollover day in day out, week after week, building scores on the utility profile. These ratings can be put to use throughout the winter, when the production of electrical energy by the solar energy system is literally lessened because of briefer time of day, different angle of the sun rays, snow, and foliage on the solar panels. The procedure described previously is defined as “Net Metering” and this is how solar energy systems functions in NYS-powered homes.

The solar installation starts off by having a Technical House Evaluation (THA). Our solar power technician will appraise your residential unit, get pictures and obtain solar testings of the roof through our drone. Our crew may also evaluate your sky parlor area including the utility circuit box. Once all the necessary data is gathered, they will be transmitted to our developers for the design of the solar power system. The technicians will take into consideration the electric code and additionally the building code of the state in which your home exists.

The vital arrangement process starts by styling the rails on the roofing system covering. The rails are fastened to the roofing and the solar panels are linked to the rails. The rails are secured straight to your house’s rafters using stainless-steel lag screws. The steel and also aluminum are certainly manufactured from high-grade products that are warrantied for 25 years. These include labor and all components used by Sunpower by NYSSF.

The solar panels will have microinverters connected to the rails that help make the solar energy system part of your residential property. All of the electrical cablings are placed beneath the solar energy panels where possible. Our team takes satisfaction in the outstanding visual trademark of our finalized solar installments.

Sunpower by New York State Solar Farm has actually been recognized as a “Gold Status Quality Solar Installer” by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the last 4 years. We take honor of this appreciation since just 1 of 8 installers in the state has been awarded this specific award.