Woodstock Solar Panels

Harness the Power of the Sun with Woodstock Solar Panels

Do you feel like an inordinate amount of your finances go straight into your electric bill each month?
Are you concerned that burning fossil fuels or relying on nuclear reactors is simply unsafe for the environment and our communities?
It is time for you to use a clean, cost-effective alternative solar power!

At SunPower® by New York State Solar Panels, our Woodstock solar panels specialists can hook you up with the technology you need to harness the world’s most powerful and reliable source of energy, no matter where you live in Woodstock.

Why Choose SunPower by NYSSF in Woodstock?

Woodstock Solar Panels

We would like to assure you that we should be your first choice due to our extensive history in the state of New York and our excellent client testimonials. To help you come to the decision to install solar panels on your home or business, we use flexible financing plans, as well as giving you the option to own or lease the technology. 

With more than 1,000 systems installed in Hudson Valley and a SunPower® Master Dealer title – there are less than 25 SunPower® Master Dealers in the country – you can rest assured that we know solar panel installation, maintenance, and function, inside and out.

Let the solar experts install your Woodstock solar panels!


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As a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make is in solar energy. With energy costs at an all time high and continuing to rise, solar panel systems can save you money from day one. Homes with solar also sell for more given their cost savings & environmental benefits. Solar just makes sense.


The choice of converting to solar energy kicks off with 2 things – a duplicate of the house owner’s monthly energy bill and a discussion with our team.

The monthly electric bill will work as a guideline on just how much electric power the house owner spends and can also be an establishing element in balancing solar against typical energy sources. The initial consultation serves as a opportunity for our company representative is able to ascertain supplementary details pertaining to the home, the householders’ purposes, along with any kind of long-term household renovation goals.

From there, our experts can formulate a systematic project to inform the house owners about the features and perks they can get if they decide on to change to renewable energy. Our company will also review the options and benefits of buying or renting, in addition to an overall description of what shifting to solar energy implies.

When the customer has chosen to proceed through the procedure, we help the customer in acquiring an approved financing (if suitable). Our team will license a written agreement and put together supplementary agreements as required. A primary property consultation will be performed and our technicians are going to design the solar power system and start the steps for the application for the Building Permit.

As soon as the building permit is set up, the setup of the solar energy system can start. In most cases, the timetable of solar installation takes 6-8 weeks starting from the moment the building permit is released. The setup itself might possibly take 1-2 days. Once this is done, a follow-up property inspection will be facilitated. It involves 7-10 business days to give the resident proprietor a Permission To Operate. Once the PTO is released, the solar power system can already be turned on.

Usually, the price of solar will likely be lower or equivalent to what individuals are spending in recent times for the exact same expense of power utilized through your utility provider. In the case that individuals prefer to convert to solar power, anticipate to obtain 2 monthly charges.

Nevertheless, the total of the 2 charges is anticipated to be equal to, or possibly be lower than their existing power statement.

Converting to solar protects you and your house from foreseeable electrical price increments as it supplies a predictable expense per month. Our clients can use their solar payments in exchange of your electricity expenses, spending less cash significantly.

Whether you acquire a loan for your renewable energy system or you settle in straight cash, the lasting perks of switching to solar are without a doubt worth the expense. Your expenses for the utility bill will simply be the basic service charge for the energy meter attached to your residence. This is only a part of the expense of what you are paying the electrical company previously. Bear in mind that even though you convert solar, you will still have to be hooked to the utility because your residence calls for it to make solar energy operate.

Every time the sun shines against a solar panel, photons created by the shining sun are taken in via the cells in the solar panel. This phenomenon builds up an electromagnetic field spanning the layers and also generates electrical energy to flow. The solar panels produce DC (Direct Current) power and yet most buildings utilize AC (Alternating Electricity) power. So how does solar energy operate?

There is a device located in the solar energy system referred to as an inverter that alters the DC electrical power to AC electricity so individuals may use it in your residence. Traditional solar-power systems utilise a singular traditional inverter in order to change the current. Sunpower by NYSSF utilizes the most current technology through micro inverters attached to the back of every panel that puts forth a much safer, extraordinarily beneficial, much better solar power system. Microinverters are likewise strongly recommended for locals residing in the northeast from where individuals ought to take into consideration external factors including tree shadows, snowfall, and foliage on the solar panels.

The power created by the solar panels handles the necessities of the house primarily. In case that there is leftover electrical power being yielded, it returns to the power grid by rotating the energy electrical meter in reverse, supplying 100% credit rating for every Kilowatt hr created by the roofing system.

After dark, every time the solar panels are not generating electrical power, the residence will likely pick up electricity coming from the grid where the electric power that your system created during the whole day is saved. From Summer thru Fall, the solar energy system will generally bring in additional electrical power than used. This energy remains to build-up or rollover day after day, week after week, building scores on the power statement. These points are put to use during the winter, when the manufacturing of electrical power by the solar-powered panels is literally reduced due to much shorter daytimes, lowered angle of the sunlight, snow, and flora on the solar energy panels. The procedure defined previously is referred to as “Net Metering” and this is just how solar energy functions in NYS-powered house or apartments.

The solar power mounting begins by having a Technical Home Examination (THA). Our solar energy expert will examine your property, take pictures and obtain solar valuations of the roofing system making use of our drone. Our team may additionally check your sky parlor location along with the electrical service panel. When all of the needed details are compiled, they will be endorsed to our developers for the design of the solar power system. The technicians will definitely take note of the utility code and also the building code of the state wherein your house is located.

The basic configuration method starts by designing the rails on the roof structure covering. The rails are attached to the roof covering and the panels are linked up to the rails. The rails are fastened straight to your house’s rafters making use of stainless-steel lag bolts. The steel as well as aluminum are undoubtedly produced from high-grade products which are warrantied for 25 years. These consist of labor and all aspects used by Sunpower by NYSSF.

The solar panels will have microinverters attached to the rails that make the solar energy system part of your home. All of the electrical wirings are placed below the solar panels where possible. Our team takes pride in the outstanding aesthetic appeals of our accomplished solar installments.

Sunpower by New York State Solar Farm has already been recognized as a “Gold Status Quality Solar Installer” by New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) for the last 4 years. Our company takes satisfaction in this credit because only 1 of 8 installers throughout the state has been granted this specific merit.