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Can You Install Solar in Winter?

Yes, we can. It is a common misconception that we can not install a solar array during the winter months. But there are exceptions. At the time of my writing this article, our office in Modena NY was swamped with some 2-3 feet of snow by the winter storm Stella. Adding to this, the wind kicked up at times and created snow drifts measuring up to 6 feet or more. In this situation, it is certainly true that it is a formidable challenge to install solar. We can hardly get into our cars, let alone get on a roof and install an array.

Fortunately for New York State Solar Farm, we have a robust installation team who isn’t easily swayed by the sporadic weather we’ve been experiencing. They get done what they can get done under the circumstances. However, they do need to exercise great caution. Snow and ice both contribute to make roofs extremely dangerous, if not impossible to work on. On some occasions, our install crews have had to shovel snow off of roofs before they can begin their work. That is about as enjoyable as it sounds. Also, the snow drift can make it very difficult to set up a ladder in the first place, making access to the roof difficult.

Despite the challenges though, we have successfully completed 16 installations since January 2017. In the worst case, an installation has had to be postponed due to the weather. This delay can last anywhere from a day to a week. This is typical for the winter season though, and we must routinely deal with the frigid temperatures in this line of work. Still, it is not impossible to install solar in winter.

If you have ever wondered how the winter months affect solar production, read the article we published on our blog in February. If you have any more questions about solar you would like answered, email us at Also, if you have an interest in receiving a free quote for solar for your property, give us a call at 845-255-0610. Thank you for reading!


Written by Ethan J. Powell


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