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Ground mounts vs. roof mounts

The Great Debate: Ground Mounts vs. Roof Mounts

Ground mounts vs. roof mounts

If you have decided to go solar, the next thing you need to mull over is choosing between ground mounts vs roof mounts. Ground mounts are set up on the base of your property. Meanwhile, roof mount solar panels are attached to brackets on your roof. 

If you can’t decide which is a better option between the two for your energy requirements, budgets, and living space, continue reading this piece. We will provide a quick comparative and impartial overview of Ground Mounts vs. Roof Mounts.

Ground Mounts

Upsides of Ground Mount Racking System 

The Perfect Angle for More Efficient Sun: With a ground mount system, you are not bound to follow the angle at which your roof is raised. You can set it up for the perfect alignment with the orbital movement to capture more sunlight throughout the day. 

Better Ventilation: Solar panels work best when they are neither too hot nor too cold. During peak summer, when temperatures often soar beyond 90F, a solar system generates 10-15% less electricity. The ground mount systems usually don’t experience this efficiency drop because they are raised off the surface and, as a result, have better airflow and cooling.

Scalable: You can scale the ground mount system because it is not confined to the roof’s dimensions.

Downsides of Ground Mount Racking System 

Expensive Installation: Since you have to set it up from scratch with no supporting structure (roof), this installation is expensive and labor-intensive.

Occupy Real Estate: Ground mounts occupy the usable square footage of the property.

Permitting Could Take Time: Depending on the city and county you live in, ground mount systems can be considered new construction, and the permitting process can be lengthy and extensive.

Require Trenching: A path must be dug through your yard to connect the conduit and wire of the ground mount to your electrical service.

Roof Mount Racking System

Upsides of Roof Mount Racking System

Easy and Quick Installation: You only need to install brackets on the roof to set up a roof mount system. The fewer installment requirements cost less and make the process quick.

Unused Space Utilization: Instead of occupying space in your garden or lawn that may also affect the property’s curb appeal, it is set up on space that remains unused otherwise. 

Easy Permission: Most local governments and municipalities don’t need extensive paperwork to permit the roof mount system.

Downsides of Roof Mount Racking System

Hassle to Maintain and Replace: The slippery and steep construction of the roof can make it a hassle to access the system for troubleshooting and replacement.

Structural Damage: Installation of roof mount system involves drilling holes in the roof that might lead to water damage, especially if the construction is old. Make sure the company you hire for your installation warranties their work.

Ground Mounts vs Roof Mounts: Final Verdict

Going by the above discussion, you can’t declare a clear winner. Ultimately the choice depends on what makes the most sense for you and your home. If you want to get your property assessed for either of the mount systems, get in touch with experts at New York State Solar Farm

Our experts also offer a free consultation to homeowners on picking the most efficient solar setups for their homes. We also promise professional solar installations from scratch with a quick turnaround.

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