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Maxeon 420 panel

Maxeon 420 Panel: The Most Powerful Panel in the World

Maxeon 420 panel

SunPower has constantly been striving to improve solar technology and make it more cutting-edge. Over the last couple of years, it has succeeded in scaling some major milestones with its next-generation solar modules. The Maxeon 420 Panel is among the flagship products of SunPower. Industry experts consider it the most powerful solar panel that is available for residential use.

What is it that makes Maxeon 420 stands apart among other panels? Let’s try to find out in the following discussion.

Boasts Greater Power Density

If we had to pick one thing that helps Maxeon 420 panels outshine other solar modules, it would be their tremendous power density. These powerful panels are able to generate more electricity than conventional solar modules for these two reasons.

  • Enhanced Active Area: Maxeon 420 panels have a more sun-facing area that converts sunlight into electricity than any other conventional PV panel. Having a more active area automatically increases their power density.
  • PERC Cells: Maxeon420 features state-of-the-art PERC cells instead of regular PV cells. These cells boast higher light adsorption because they don’t have a black coating on the rear side like conventional solar cells. Instead, they use dielectric passivation film on the back that absorbs the scattered and reflected light. Using both sides of solar cells improves the power density of Maxeon 420.

A Hardwearing Construction

The outstanding power density of the Maxeon 420 is also boosted by its hardwearing shingled construction. SunPower employs innovative cell shingling in the making of its Maxeon 420 series that tones down the reliability concerns associated with conventional solar panels. Regular solar panels feature delicate ribbons and solar bonds that make them fragile. SunPower has phased out these features in the shingled frame of Maxeon420 panels.

Boasts Two and a Half Decade Warranty

The warranty of the Maxeon 420 panels matches their power. While most solar installations have warranties featuring many exclusions, which do not cover labor and are across several different manufactures that create the different components of the installation.

SunPower offers a 25-year all-inclusive warranty on its powerful Maxeon 420. The warranty covers all systems components all produced by SunPower, also covers labor and shipping of new parts, and boasts a completely hassle-free process. Also, the warranty is not just about faults and broken parts.

The manufacturer has worked out a very well-thought-out warranty that also includes a warranted performance line over 25 years. For Maxeon 420, this warranty boasts over 92% of year one power guaranteed in year 25!

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