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New York State Solar Farm Solarizes the Kingston, NY Community

New York State Solar Farm (NYSSF) was chosen in May, 2015, as a preferred installer for the Solarize Hudson Valley program. Solarize HV is a community-based program whose goal is to bring solar power to low-to-middle income and above residents in the Hudson Valley region in New York. Sustainable Hudson Valley (, Catskill Mountainkeeper ( and Rural Ulster Preservation Company (RUPCO) ( have teamed up to bring the program to the Valley. It will run for 3 years and will have 6 “waves” which reach out to various geographic areas in the region. Solarize HV has negotiated discounted solar system prices to make solar power a realistic option for low and moderate income community members. NYSSF was chosen as one of 3 local installers to serve the Wave 1 community of Kingston, N.Y. and environs. We have been chosen by 20 customers so far to bring solar power to Kingston area homes! The campaign runs until September so we anticipate working with even more residents.

Look for Solarize HV Kingston events in July, August and September. The Solarize HV Wave 2 program will encompass 3 additional communities, Woodstock and Rosendale, Beacon and surrounding towns, and Warwick and Goshen. NYSSF has applied as an installer for this Wave as well and we look forward to serving one or more of the Wave 2 communities. Go to the Solarize Hudson Valley site for the latest event schedule for some great photos of the community being “solarized”.

NYSSF is a PV solar installation company headquartered in a sustainably restored 100-year old building in Modena, N.Y. The company recently completed the green renovation with the installation of its own 14.145 kW roof-mounted solar system, which will ensure that our headquarters in “net-zero” in 2015. NYSSF is a growing, family-owned company that has been serving the Hudson Valley since 2008. Our goal is to “cover the Hudson Valley in solar power”. NYSSF specializes on high-efficiency solar systems installed with integrity, end-to-end customer support and the best materials on the market. We offer a range of financing options that help customers of varying financial means to install solar systems. These include lease, lease-to-buy, purchase and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for not-for-profit entities. Look for us on the web at and on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Gail Beverly, Program Manager, for more information.

New York State Solar Farm, Inc. (NYSSF)

1938 Route 44/55

Modena, N.Y. 12548

(845) 789-4330

Tel: 1-877 – SOLAR95 (877-765-2795)

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