Hudson Valley Commercial Solar Panels

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New York State Solar Farm is a full-service commercial solar panel provider for businesses in Hudson Valley and all across the Northeast. We sell, install, and service only the most advanced and durable products as a Sunpower® Authorized Dealer. Our products are high in efficiency and guaranteed to help you save on cost.

All of our systems are designed to conform to building codes and our superior project management methodology ensures that your system is completed on time and within budget. We design each system unique to your structure, your needs, and your expectations.

  • High power density for commercial roofs with limited sizes
  • Unique, architecturally-integrated designs
  • Flat, non-penetrating, roof-mounted designs
  • Low maintenance and no noise operation
  • Clean power outputs
  • Comprehensive system warranty

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Why Should My Business Go Solar?

More and more businesses are turning to solar energy as a way to manage cost. With solar energy systems, there are strong investment returns, government incentives such as tax credits or rebates, and solar powered-businesses consistently enjoy lower overall energy costs. If you have the roof space, why not turn it into a worthwhile investment that pays for itself? These financial savings can make a significant impact on your bottom line and profits.

For businesses and corporations, solar energy also offers an opportunity to demonstrate environmental responsibility. Customers, clients, vendors, and employees care about the types of businesses they associate with. Improve your image and brand as a forward-thinking, sustainable company who cares about our community and environment.

Superior Energy Solutions for Businesses

Our solar experts are NABCEP-certified professionals who combine their unique expertise and dedication to every project. We are poised to tackle projects of any scale and complexity. Start with a free consultation with one of our experts.

New York State Solar Farm provides:

  • Durable, high-efficiency solar panels
  • Longest warranty in industry
  • Unique systems designed for your needs
  • Own, lease or finance options
  • Superior customer care

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