Full-Service Installation

High-Efficiency Solar Panels for Hudson Valley Homes & Businesses

Converting your home or business to solar energy has never been easier when you partner up with New York State Solar Farm. Our Hudson Valley solar energy experts can walk you through each step and help you determine if solar electricity is right for you. We make the process as simple and free of stress as possible. Learn more about the process below.

Our Hudson Valley solar panel installation process in detail:

Feasibility and cost/benefit analysis

We can discuss with you by phone regarding your electrical usage, condition of roofing and materials, your current electrical service, and your interest in energy independence.

Our technician can also provide you with a price quote based on your customized solar electric system.

If the cost and electric savings meet your expectations, we will schedule a site visit.

Site evaluation

Our team will perform a thorough survey of your location, including:

  • Site elevation & latitude
  • Average available hours of sunlight
  • Suitable mounting locations, tilt angle, direction of mounting
  • Type of roof or mounting surface, roof live load calculations
  • Seasonal shading with the latest high-tech shade measurement devices
  • Current & projected system loads
  • Length & location of wire runs
  • Weather patterns & average temperatures
  • Local zoning & electrical codes

Design & engineering

Our solar experts design a solar electric system tailored to you using our high-efficiency hardware and design technology. When designing your system, our in-house engineers maximize form and function by using unique architectural features of your structure. Our experienced engineers can customize a solution for virtually any site.

We only use durable, wind-resistant and watertight systems while maintaining pleasing aesthetics as well.

Comprehensive proposal

We analyze your roof structure, electric usage, your expectations, and present a comprehensive recommendation for a solar energy system.

Our proposal includes:

  • Results of site analysis
  • Recommended installation method
  • Price quote for equipment, building permit fees, installation, building inspections, state/federal incentives if any
  • Financial analysis of return on investment, as well as tax incentives available (we recommend you consult your accountant)


If our proposal meets your expectations on cost and design, then we can move forward with installing your system. We start by scheduling a time convenient for you and in accordance to building and electrical codes. Our professionals install each system using the highest quality of care.

What you can expect during the installation phase:

  • It takes between 2 to 4 days for our experts to install a complete system.
  • Our professional crew maintains aesthetics and cleanliness by using clean conduit routing, cleaning up our work spaces, etc.
  • We provide all the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth integration of your system, including a copy of your final interconnection “permission to operate” letter.
  • Our installation team would be happy to answer any questions you have during the process.

City and utility inspection

Upon completion of the installation, we will schedule an inspection with your local building department to ensure conformity to local regulations.

A utility company representative will also conduct a final inspection to certify that your new system is approved for interconnection to the grid. This may take between 30 to 45 days upon completion of installation. When the utility company notifies you that you have passed inspection, contact us and we will get your system ready for use.

Post-installation customer care

From the moment of your sale, through installation, and long after, we take care of our customers. We provide a detailed manual on operating your new system and a 25-25-25 year warranty for solar panel performance, maintenance and repair, and solar insurance.

You can always call us or email info@nyssf.com if you have a question or concern.