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Graphical vector of a Tesla Powerwall

Why Do You Need to Complement Your SunPower Solar System with Tesla Powerwall?

Graphical vector of a Tesla Powerwall

SunPower Solar System is great, there’s no doubt about that. However, if you want to level up your solar experience, you should consider using the SunPower Solar System with Tesla Powerwall.

Tesla is known for making electric and self-driving cars and the world’s only private space program. But besides those high-end products and projects, Tesla is now making waves in the domestic market with its battery storage equipment. For instance, Tesla Powerwall has become very popular in a very short time among homeowners harnessing solar energy.

Tesla Powerwall is a compact and efficient battery storage system designed for storing excess electricity generated by solar panels. Since all battery storage systems are developed for the same purpose, what makes Tesla Powerwall stand out? 

This blog will try to answer that question and make a case for why you need to complement your SunPower Solar System with Tesla Powerwall. 

It Can Power Your Nights

A regular solar system only produces electricity that is enough for real-time consumption. However, the highly efficient solar panels of SunPower continuously produce an excessive amount of electricity. If your state offers a net metering facility, you may succeed in leveraging that additional electricity. Otherwise, it will be wasted. 

By complimenting your SunPower system with Tesla Powerwall, you can make the most of the excess electricity. By configuring the Powerwall on self-powered mode, you can store every watt of additional solar energy to use it at night. In short, Tesla Powerwall lets you use your solar system for all-day electricity consumption with minimum dependence on the grid.

You Can Keep Your Energy Bill in Check

We all know that grid electricity has different rates for different times of the day. Since most homeowners use solar power in conjunction with grid energy, they should be aware of the time-based energy rates by their respective utility to keep their bills low. You can track those rates automatically by setting up Tesla Powerwall with your SunPower Solar System. 

When you set the Powerwall on time-based control, it only charges itself from the grid when rates are lower and stops charging during the hours when rates soar. In other words, you can use the excess solar and grid energy stored in the Powerwall during those peak billing hours to control your energy expenses.

Maintains Its Efficiency During Winters

We all know that winter can get unforgiving in New York, with temperatures plummeting to subzero levels. Regular batteries struggle to charge in lower temperatures. However, Tesla Powerwall doesn’t face this issue— thanks to its preconditioning mode. When you set the Powerwall on this setting, it heats itself before charging to maintain its capacity. Rest assured, it will store every last bit of electricity produced by your SunPower Solar System no matter how low is the ambient temperature.

SunPower Solar System With Tesla Powerwall

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