Three Maxeon A-series solar panels

The Most Efficient All Black Solar Panel Maxeon A-Series

Solar technology has experienced a great turnaround and improvement in the last couple of years. It is getting more efficient while simultaneously becoming more economical, especially for residential consumers.

If you live in New York and have decided to boost your property with a solar setup, but can’t decide on the right solar panels for the installation, continue reading this post.

Here, we will review for you one of the best solar panels available on the block right now: SunPower’s Maxeon A Series solar panels.

More Power Per Given Area

Residential consumers often fail to harness adequate solar power because they don’t have enough space for the installation of solar panels. SunPower has resolved this issue with its next-generation Maxeon A-series solar panels.

As a result, you get to convert more sunlight into electricity per square foot. For example, if regular solar modules can harness solar energy to power 40% of your house, Maxeon A-series panels will be able to notch it up to over 60% from the same area and orientation.

Boasts Better Construction

Even though solar panels don’t need regular maintenance like other electromechanical machines, they can experience quick wear and tear due to their outdoor installation. SunPower uses propriety solid metal foundation for their cells to prevent rusting and breakage of the panel from behind. This patented method of solar panel manufacture also allows for greater power production and a guaranteed power production rate of over 92% of year one power in year 25!

Offers Optimal Lifetime Energy and Savings

The higher cost of a solar panel is often justified by its lifetime energy provision and the accompanying savings. In this context, no solar panel justifies its cost better than Maxeon A-series panels. These panels are designed to register better lifetime energy than conventional solar modules, and that too with real-world efficiency barriers like high temperatures, overcast conditions, and partial shades.

An estimate suggests that a Maxeon A-series solar panel can deliver up to 60% more energy than a regular cell over 25 years of operating life.

Easy on the Eyes

The sleek black design of the Maxeon A-series is easy on the eyes. Unlike conventional solar panels, they don’t spoil the curb appeal of your property. Instead, they seamlessly blend into the architectural and aesthetic profile of your home, particularly when lack of visible rails and conduits are also taken into consideration.

Boasts One of the Best Solar Warranties

Any appliance with a comprehensive, long warranty always brings peace of mind. The same is the case with the Maxeon A-series warranty. The module and its microinverter come with an outstanding 25-year combined power and product warranty. In other words, you are covered for any fault and malfunctioning for a full 25 years. No hassle.

If the above review has made up your mind to go with SunPower Maxeon A-series solar panels, get in touch with experts at New York State Solar Farm. We offer a free of cost consultation to property owners on choosing budget-friendly and efficient solar setups for their properties. Our experts also ensure professional solar installations from scratch with a quick turnaround.