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ICYMI: New Paltz Reformed Church Goes Solar With New York State Solar Farm

Reduced energy bills means more funds to help the community. Find out why the New Paltz Reformed Church went solar with NYSSF.

For many, the physical presence of a church is a symbol of the permanency of the culture in which people live and choose to live in. The New Paltz Reformed Church has been a staple to its community through its ministry for over 330 years, but perhaps its uniqueness is found in its mission not only to serve the people, but the environment as well.

The church clearly explains in its environmental policy that it is committed to sustainability and good environmental practices, which includes, but is not limited to, phasing out the use of CFCs, using Fair Trade products when possible, relying on mugs instead of paper cups, and reducing the amount of its material waste. The church has also made it part of its green mission to inspire other communities of faith to participate in responsible ecological practices.

The New Paltz Reformed Church, together with New York State Solar Farm, has completed one part of its environmental mission by installing SunPower panels on its roof. More than just protecting the environment by choosing a renewable source of energy, the savings that the church will now see in its monthly utility bills will directly impact its community. With their solar savings, the church now has greater opportunity to invest in its youth, its senior community, and to save for future ministries. These byproducts of choosing to go solar are priceless.

There are as many reasons for churches to go solar as there are for ordinary people, but the most obvious for the New Paltz Reformed Church was a sense of spiritual obligation to preserve the environment. The ripple effect is real, and it is one that we are proud to be part of.

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