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span electronic panel


span electronic panel


The world is growing and adapting to the drastic increase in technology over the century. An influential company named SPAN is expanding its smart home infrastructure solutions with a new intelligent electrical panel built for houses where the circuit-breaker panel connects with the electric utility’s meter.

The SPAN Smart Electrical Panel is the ideal circuit breaker, including all critical load panels. It is a beautifully crafted container that weighs around 75 lbs and is far more extensive and refined than any household electrical panel.

The SPAN Electronic Panel is, at its core, an electrical panel. The Smart Panel features 32 adjustable circuits per panel, and additional Panels are used for even more individual circuit controls. The SPAN accepts conventional 1-in residential breakers and adorns the main breaker, rated at 100A to 200A, with a 225A bus.

The regular columns of breaker switches cover the area inside the panel, and each circuit may still be switched on or off manually. Gaining access to the intelligent features of the SPAN is found in the SPAN mobile app.

The SPAN Electronic Panel consists of 4 layers of panels with an internet-connected gateway; built solely for wireless communication. The SPAN also consists of a system that monitors and controls the system for every circuit connected to it.

The intelligent panel also includes an automatic grid that immediately and automatically disconnects relay in moments of power outages. One of the most sensational features of SPAN’s smart panel is that it is also compatible with standard residential breakers, signifying its usage with the latest electric circuit breakers and all standards.

The SPAN Smart Panel replaces your old electrical panel and manages the flow of electricity to all of your home’s circuits. Consider it an electrical system upgrade. It performs all of the functions of your present electrical panel while also adding many layers of intelligent energy management technologies.

Suppose we similarly make comparisons with Sense, for example. In that case, we understand Sense can evaluate and report on your house’s electricity consumption by installing sensors to the utility lines that carry power to your home. Still, they cannot switch circuits on and off and are less precise at identifying particular devices.

Since the Span panel regulates those circuits, you would know which circuits your electric range, oven, water heater, and other appliances are using.

There are three main areas the SPAN Smart Panel excels in:

The SPAN Electronic Panel allows the homeowner to operate their home’s electrical system at the circuit level. When used in conjunction with the smartphone app, the system can not only evaluate power use down to the device level, but it can also spot consumption abnormalities caused by faulty appliances, like a car’s check engine light.

As stated by the company, The SPAN “brings you easy ways to understand and control your home energy from anywhere, at any time.” You may use the mobile app to view what is consuming energy in your house at any given time; it provides real-time control to switch circuits on and off, from lighting utilities to your air conditioning or heating systems. With 32 programmable circuits per panel, you can have as detailed an understanding of your electricity as you’d like.

SPAN’s app also does advanced performance analyses on your house to provide practical insights into your energy consumption. For instance, you may discover that you’re wasting a lot of energy with an item you seldom use, and shutting it off will save you money over a month.

#2 Battery Optimization
The SPAN electronic panel assists you in determining how much charge your battery has remaining and smartly controls electricity during a power outage. SPAN’s solution is efficient enough to replace your electrical panel, but its most intricate features and benefits prevail when combined with a home battery system.

One of its most sophisticated capabilities is ‘understanding how much charge your home battery has remaining.’ Do you want to get a bit more run life out of your battery? Using SPAN’s app, you can turn off any circuits drawing power from your battery.

With a SPAN Electronic Panel installed, you’ll be able to monitor how much longer you can operate your appliances on the electrical charge left in your house batteries. In addition, with “smart power outage protection,” SPAN calculates how long you can run your devices on battery power, rather than relying on the percentage of the battery. This feature helps you determine if your battery will be able to power your home until the sun rises the next day during a multi-day outage.
SPAN is also a fantastic tool for protecting your house from unexpected power outages.

#3 Integrated Clean Upgrades
With this state-of-the-art panel, you can know ahead of time how much storage capacity you’ll need to install to keep your house powered by storage during an outage, thanks to granular controls, monitoring, and load shedding capabilities.

The SPAN Smart Panel integrates home energy improvements such as storage, solar panels, and electric car charging. In addition, when installing house batteries, a SPAN panel will assist you properly with sizing your storage system. Finally, The SPAN can even help you evade a service upgrade in the future by automatically controlling home loads and halting loads or drawing from your battery when you’re using a lot of electricity.

Overall, anyone seeking a greater understanding and regulation of their energy consumption will appreciate what SPAN offers. However, the SPAN Panel is most suited for those wishing to make renewable energy enhancements to their homes.

The SPAN Smart Panel is an exciting advancement in energy management, with the potential to make household solar panels and storage systems even more effective as resilient and cost-saving tools.
SPAN replaces your old standard breaker panels while providing clean energy to your home.

Many homes still utilize 1960s technology. Sure, it transports energy throughout your house. Still, many of us do not understand where it is coming from, what is consuming the most power, or if minor issues need attention before they become significant issues.

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